Welcome to “The Talk Clinic”

My name is Claire Harvey and I am a Certified Health & Life Coach, but above all a Mummy, Wife and down-to-earth talker. We are all on our own journey and sometimes life gets tough! As a natural “empath” I have always had a passion for helping people. Being a Free-spirit, working in a structured job is not something that fits with me, so I wanted to create something that I could lead with flexibility for both myself and my clients.

Having suffered with Anxiety & Depression myself I know that sometimes all we need is a good chat and sometimes this needs to be with someone we know and sometimes it needs to be with someone completely neutral, and that is where I come in!


I have created “The Talk Clinic” to be an aid at a time when needed the most. I am not a “therapist” but I believe talking is sometimes the best therapy and a great starting point.

In a nutshell I offer listening, an ear without judgment (& trust me nothing phases me!... or very rarely!), a “de-tangle” session where you can “brain-dump” and come away with some clarity and at least an action step to get you moving forward!

If after this first clarity call you need more of the same, or a deeper coaching program, a package can be designed for YOU or we can go call by call... it’s all up to you.

It may result in me making a referral, pointing you in the direction of another professional or service but I will help you to take that first step.

I look forward to talking with you!

What is The Talk Clinic Life Coaching?

I help people make desired changes, achieve more balance and find fulfillment...


A few things I do

What i can do for you as a life coach...

Challenge you to question how you approach life in every aspect. I address physical well being, emotional well being and cognitive well being

Unlocking your potential and empowering you...

I will inspire you to change the way you live every day so you can be more aligned with who you want to be

Working closely with you over a period of time...

I will be focussed on your current obstacles and take actions to move from you from in a rut to liberated.

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